Inspirational video: Life changing Lord Buddha Quotes about Love ♥️ | Life & Relationship in English : Learn English

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34 Replies to “Inspirational video: Life changing Lord Buddha Quotes about Love ♥️ | Life & Relationship in English : Learn English”

  1. Iam christian, but I learn a lot from buddhism since 2019 and I really understand if LOVE isnot only word and isnot only between peoples. Thankyou, change my life so much better and beautiful. No hate, just share love and kindness to all that created by GOD whatever ur situation and condition. Kindness and Love are magic word. I really find the true peace and so much apreciette my life. Dont hate and be positive 😊

  2. Just because i bring back old stories, it doesn mean i want to reconnect with those people whom i have broke up long ago. Please don't try to patch back. I will never allow that to happen because i have seen the worst part of them. Those chapters are over. But, the base for past relationships and future relationships is still the same. I cannot connect if they don't portray what attracts me. That is the point.

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